2013 Eel River Golf Club – Annual Davenport Invitational

The 2013 Annual Davenport  Invitational was held from February 23 – March 2 in Davenport, Florida. Mike Donelan, Rick Adams, Bill Sykes, Ralph Oehme, Tim Donelan, Jack Shea and two rookies, Ben Adams and Chris Joy took advantage of excellent weather, great golf courses, stellar play and lots of food and booze. Teams were formed on day one; Bill and Rick; Jack and Mike; Tim and Ralph and the rookies and off we went to our first course Harmony Golf Course. Great scores were had by all. Day two we played Hunter’s Creek an exceptional track just outside of Orlando. Again great golf, great scores. Day three was the very upscale Mystic Dunes a challenging track rated 4.5 stars by Gary Koch. Lots of not so good scores ranging for 97 to 127. Needless to say the general feeeling was this course would be dropped from the rotation. Day four was a club favorite, Forest Lake. No houses, great golf, excellent scores. Best looking cart girl of the week. Great scores all around from a low of 84 to 114. This is a go to course for us. If you’re playing in the Orlando area it’s a must. Day 5 was our old favorite, Providence Golf Club. Excellent course, a bit windy, many new houses on the front nine, really good bloddy mary’s. Things were going very smoothly for our group until our cart broke down. Scores broke down with it.
Today is rest day, time to finish up all the leftover food and booze and to clean up our house, which is very nice. Thanks to Terry Grady for finding this place.
If you want to come next year we may have some openings.

2012 Club Championship

Thanks to all who attended the Club Championship on October 27th at Souther’s Marsh. It was a great day of golf, and a great group to play with.  As for our winners, Carl Eklund continues to to set the bar!  The Club Championship goes to Carl Eklund for the second time with a gross score of 74,  Ross Wheeler won net score and Adam Sykes won points. Thanks again to all who played.

On a different note, the Eel River Golf Club would like to welcome the following new members;  Benjamin Adams, Christopher Joy, and Ross Wheeler.

Volume 1: Issue 4


Volume 1: Issue 4                                                      October 21, 2012



Greetings Duffers,

It’s been a great year for the Club.  The Fall Oehme Classic was held September 15th.  This year the Wannabes: Tim Donelan, Carl Eklund, Terry Grady, and Warren Valente repeated as Champions, but they are still the “Wannabes”.

On the following day, Sunday, the 16th, at Wentworth Golf Club under clear blue New Hampshire skies, we had our Points Tournament.  This year it was won by Dan H. (Somebody send me his last name, Will ya?!)  Dan received the first annual Alan Canevazzi Memorial Trophy.  The “Big Guy” was smiling down on us all weekend, and we missed him!

The Annual Club Championship will be held on October 27th  at Southers’ Marsh in Plymouth.

I hope by now you have all received an email from me with ideas for our club logo- if you haven’t, please let me know!  I have received samples and your comments, suggestions, keep it up! I am thinking about changing the name of the Club from THE EEL RIVER GOLF CLUB to EEL RIVER GOLF CLUB, just removing the “The” from the name.  Please share your opinion.

There are still a few members who have not registered at myscorecard.com.  The cost of registering is approximately $10.00 per year.  Once registered with myscorecard.com you may log in and enter your own scores and have an official USGA recognized handicap.  To register at myscorecard.com, log in, click on Join Club, and enter the Club ID ERGC.   Any questions please let me know.


Just a reminder, our Active Season in New England starts on April 1st and runs through November 14.  All rounds played during this time should be entered in at myscorecard.com.


Hope to see you all at the Club Championship!


Current Members of the club:

Rick Adams *                                       Terrence Grady *

Richard Baetti                                                Brendan Hamel

Kenneth G. Beal *                              Ralph Oehme *

George Brown *                                   Roy Nickerson

Russell Brown            *                                  Jack Shea *

Michael Sirrico                                   Michael H. Donelan *

Adam Sykes *                                      Timothy P. Donelan *

William Sykes *                                   Carl Eklund *

Peter Taylor *                                      Alan Canevazzi – In Memoriam: Charter Member


*Denotes Members on MyScorecard