Davenport Invitational – Day 4

Another beautiful day in sunny Florida. Warmest day yet. We played Stonegate – Cypress course. Things started a bit iffy. We we’re late getting to the course and didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. We started by heading to the wrong course, the Oak course, which we we’re originally scheduled to play. Wrong. No starter, no scorecards. Then the starter came by to find us and bring us to to the correct course. This was a pain because we left Ralph’s group behind. I am trying to catch up to the starter to let him know they were missing. Some local in his golf cart got pissed because I failed to stop at a stop sign, which the starter failed to stop at as well. We finally got organized and teed off. Crazy, tough course. No yardage markers, hidden hazards. Not easy and the scores show it. To top it all off one of the “members” complained to the course marshal about slow play. Problem was there were no open holes in front of us. Basically, the marshal said “play golf don’t worry about the a-holes, they’re all a pain”. I do believe this course will be off the rotation in the future.
Ralph 94 – 72
Bill – 98 -78
Tim – 107 – 76
Jack – 109 – 80
Carl – 99 – 78
Mike – 114 – 78
Rick – 110 – 77
Adam – 120 – 77
We’re all Bozo’s on this bus!

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