Day Four of the Davenport Invitational

Today we played right across the street from the villa at Highland Reserve. It took about 5 minutes to get to the course. The starter wanted to put a fourth player with us, but we were playing money ball so didn’t want any intruders into our circle of fantastic golfers. We told them our fourth, Carl, was on his way and would meet us on the course. Poor Carl, his flight was delayed and was stranded in Boise, ID. The nice course marshal kept apologizing to Rick telling him “I can’t seem to find your fourth”. This was on the ninth hole. Rick, being the understanding type, immediately put his next shot into the bunker. Of course it was the marshals fault, ruined Rick’s hole and made Rick take a shot of bourbon. Anyway, everyone play pretty well, the course was nice, the weather was perfect for golf. Scores for the day:

  • Ralph   88* – 69
  • Bill       92 – 74
  • Ben     102 – 76
  • Jack    76 – 70
  • Mike    103 – 71
  • Rick     96 – 64*
  • Adam   108 – 70
  • Carl – DNS – DNF , flight never made it for Boise
  • Moneyball – Bill, Rick and Jack – 93* – Mike, Ralph, Adam and Ben – 99

Tomorrow is Providence. A fine course.

The winning team


The Second Place Team


After a swim in the pool, that’s the one in the lanai, where the sun is always shining, we were treated to a very nice dinner by Adam. Pasta with spicy Italian sausage and meatballs, salad and garlic bread. Yum!
Now it’s off to the lanai for a cigar and cocktail.