Davenport Invitational Day One

After an uneventful day picking up the rental van and the boy’s at the airport,  we got under way yesterday, Sunday, for our first round. We played a new course, Kings Ridge Golf Club. It was a good way to start. Tee to green was fairly easy, however, the greens were difficult, fast and smooth but tough to read. Scores were pretty good for the first time out in a long time. Weather was absolutely perfect for golf, sunny and warm with a slight breeze. After making a complete mess of the first hole (everyone scored an 8 except  Jack who smoked us all with a 7) things got better.

Scores               Gross      Net

  • Ralph –  94           75
    Bill –       92           73
    Ben –     105         78
    Jack –     102         76
    Mike –   105          73
    Rick –     96           64
    Adam –  57           37    Nine holes, he had to leave to pick up his fence at a job just down the road at a National Triathlon

Today we play another new course Falcon’s Fire. A bit longer than yesterday, should be quite a challenge.