Day Five of the Davenport Invitational

It rained today. True, unbelievable as a matter of fact, but it did. So we only played nine before the deluge. We played Providence Golf Course about 10 minutes from the villa. Really nice course despite the rain.

  • Ralph       49* –  39
  • Bill           49 – 39
  • Ben          50 – 36
  • Jack         53 – 39
  • Mike        56 – 39
  • Rick         50 – 33*
  • Adam       59 – 39

The better ball side game between Mike and  Bill v Adam and Ben was won handily by the youngsters – 31 – 27.

Steaks on the grill tonight, rest day tomorrow, back to Plymouth on Saturday

Day Four of the Davenport Invitational

Today we played right across the street from the villa at Highland Reserve. It took about 5 minutes to get to the course. The starter wanted to put a fourth player with us, but we were playing money ball so didn’t want any intruders into our circle of fantastic golfers. We told them our fourth, Carl, was on his way and would meet us on the course. Poor Carl, his flight was delayed and was stranded in Boise, ID. The nice course marshal kept apologizing to Rick telling him “I can’t seem to find your fourth”. This was on the ninth hole. Rick, being the understanding type, immediately put his next shot into the bunker. Of course it was the marshals fault, ruined Rick’s hole and made Rick take a shot of bourbon. Anyway, everyone play pretty well, the course was nice, the weather was perfect for golf. Scores for the day:

  • Ralph   88* – 69
  • Bill       92 – 74
  • Ben     102 – 76
  • Jack    76 – 70
  • Mike    103 – 71
  • Rick     96 – 64*
  • Adam   108 – 70
  • Carl – DNS – DNF , flight never made it for Boise
  • Moneyball – Bill, Rick and Jack – 93* – Mike, Ralph, Adam and Ben – 99

Tomorrow is Providence. A fine course.

The winning team


The Second Place Team


After a swim in the pool, that’s the one in the lanai, where the sun is always shining, we were treated to a very nice dinner by Adam. Pasta with spicy Italian sausage and meatballs, salad and garlic bread. Yum!
Now it’s off to the lanai for a cigar and cocktail.


Day Two and Three of the Davenport Invitational

Beautiful skies greeted the boys on Monday at a new course for the club, Falcons Fire. Complete with valet parking and very fine conditions, we knew we were in for a good day of golf. Scores for the day:

  • Ralph   97 – 76
  • Bill       91* – 71*
  • Ben     104 – 75
  • Jack    112 – 83
  • Mike    114 – 78
  • Rick     109 – 74
  • Adam   118 – 75

Excellent course in great shape, challenging at 6000 yards, just right for a bunch of hackers

Day three we played at an old favorite – Forest Lake. Course was empty when we arrived so we teed off about 15 minutes early. No one in front of us,  no one behind, no houses, very quiet course. Course is in good shape, greens were tough to read but it was fun.


  • Bill       90* – 72
  • Ben     107 – 81
  • Jack    DNP (IR)
  • Mike    102 – 70* (card off with Rick)
  • Rick     102 – 70
  • Adam   116 – 78
  • Ralph   94 – 75

Finished up at 1:45 and back to house by 3:15, cool. Excellent Bloody Mary’s at this course, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


A bunch of fat guy’s cooking dinner. Prime Rib for dinner. Cooked to perfection. Note that Jack is out side of the kitchen. These are direct orders from Rick, “Shea stay the f–k out of my kitchen!)



News Flash!!!!!!!!!!

In a bizarre twist of turns and fates, the most unimaginable happened last night. This is bigger than the sighting of Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster, maybe bigger than landing on the moon – Jack Shea ate guacamole! Yes that right, mister meat and chicken man himself, he did it, ate it and I think maybe he liked it! He can’t believe he is still able to walk today. This is earth shattering!

Davenport Invitational Day One

After an uneventful day picking up the rental van and the boy’s at the airport,  we got under way yesterday, Sunday, for our first round. We played a new course, Kings Ridge Golf Club. It was a good way to start. Tee to green was fairly easy, however, the greens were difficult, fast and smooth but tough to read. Scores were pretty good for the first time out in a long time. Weather was absolutely perfect for golf, sunny and warm with a slight breeze. After making a complete mess of the first hole (everyone scored an 8 except  Jack who smoked us all with a 7) things got better.

Scores               Gross      Net

  • Ralph –  94           75
    Bill –       92           73
    Ben –     105         78
    Jack –     102         76
    Mike –   105          73
    Rick –     96           64
    Adam –  57           37    Nine holes, he had to leave to pick up his fence at a job just down the road at a National Triathlon

Today we play another new course Falcon’s Fire. A bit longer than yesterday, should be quite a challenge.