Davenport Invitational 2016


A great week of golf was had by all players. Excellent weather all week, the best we have ever had. Day 1 was played at Kings Ridge Country Club. We played a scramble format. The Jamokes team of Jack Shea, Ralph Oehme, Ben Adams and Dave Marshall came out on top on a last hole lucky chip and a bomb putt by Jack. They were the leading team in the club house at 1 over, followed closely by the Chiltonvillers team of Rick Adams, Bill Sykes, Adam Sykes and Mike Donelan and the Yakers team of Carl Eklund, Chris Joy, Bob Joy and Tim Donelan at 2 over.

Day 2 was played at Eastwood Golf Course. Score to follow.
Day 3 was played at Ridgewood Lake and was money ball. Chris and Adam were the only team to come home with the ball. Mike lost his team ball on the first hole, I lost my team ball on the second hole, it wasn’t pretty.
Day 4 was at Forest Lake, a favorite of all the golfers. Good score which will be posted shortly.
Day 5 was at Providence Golf Club. This was the final day of the championship and was played as a scramble with the winner taking the coveted trophy. Going in with a slim lead the Jamokes completely blew and it was left to the Chiltonvillers and the Yakers. The Yakers came through with a bird on the last hole to edge the Chiltonvillers by one stroke.

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Count Down to the Davenport Invitational 2016

It’s coming soon!
Twelve golfers will be invading Davenport Florida on March 5th. Five rounds of golf and countless rounds of drinks.
Five great courses:

Kings Ridge South
Eastwood GC
Ridgewood Lake
Forest Lake

Golfers attending
Team 1
Bill Sykes
Adam Sykes
Rick Adams
Mike Donelan
Team 2
Jack Shea
Ben Adams
Dave Marshal
Ralph Oehme
Team 3
Carl Eklund
Bob Joy
Chris Joy
Tim Donelan

Jack Shea made up the teams. Sandbagger!

Eel River Golf Club Hole In One Club

As far as I know there are only three members with a hole in one:

Bill Sykes – Kissimmee Bay Golf Club
Rick Adams – Sebago Lake Country Club
Jack Shea – Souther’s Marsh

To join this exclusive club, play more and play better, get a hole in one, you’re in!

Davenport Invitational – Day 5

Hate to say it but I will. Another beautiful day. We played Providence in the scramble form and had a great time. The Oehmeite’s, giving 5 stokes to the Sheaism’s lost the match by one stroke. This was despite the 7 birdies made by the losing team (three bogeys as well). On the back nine, after struggling a bit the losing team poured in three incredible puts for birdies to take the match by the balls. The winning team answered and put the match away with some inspired golf.
After golf we headed home for a fantastic feed of rib eye steaks and cribbage and cigars.

Click on the link below for some awesome swings


Davenport Invitational – Day 4

Another beautiful day in sunny Florida. Warmest day yet. We played Stonegate – Cypress course. Things started a bit iffy. We we’re late getting to the course and didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. We started by heading to the wrong course, the Oak course, which we we’re originally scheduled to play. Wrong. No starter, no scorecards. Then the starter came by to find us and bring us to to the correct course. This was a pain because we left Ralph’s group behind. I am trying to catch up to the starter to let him know they were missing. Some local in his golf cart got pissed because I failed to stop at a stop sign, which the starter failed to stop at as well. We finally got organized and teed off. Crazy, tough course. No yardage markers, hidden hazards. Not easy and the scores show it. To top it all off one of the “members” complained to the course marshal about slow play. Problem was there were no open holes in front of us. Basically, the marshal said “play golf don’t worry about the a-holes, they’re all a pain”. I do believe this course will be off the rotation in the future.
Ralph 94 – 72
Bill – 98 -78
Tim – 107 – 76
Jack – 109 – 80
Carl – 99 – 78
Mike – 114 – 78
Rick – 110 – 77
Adam – 120 – 77
We’re all Bozo’s on this bus!

Wednesday 1 Wednesday 3Wednesday 2

Davenport Invitational Day 3 – Forest Lake Golf Club

Today we played at Forest Lake Golf Club, a fan favorite. Great Bloody Mary’s, excellent course. One of the few courses not part of a housing complex. GPS on the carts. Scores show it:

Ralph – 101 – 81
Bill – 94 – 76
Tim – 102 – 75
Jack – 102 – 77
Carl – 99 – 80
Mike – 103 – 72
Rick 102 – 74
Adam – 121 – 82

Once again the golfer entering the scores and handicaps wins the day! Great dinner that evening – prime rib, cooked perfectly. Everyone chowed down. Out to the lanai for cribbage, drinks and cigars.
Forest Lake 1 Forest Lake 2 Forest Lake 3 Forest Lake 4

Day Two of the Davenport Invitational

Day Two Golf was played at Kissimmee Bay Golf Club. Beautiful weather, warm, sunny with a nice breeze.

Scores for the Day

Ralph – 101 – 81
Bill – 94 – 76
Tim – 102 – 75
Jack – 102 -77
Carl – 99 – 80
Mike – 103 – 72
Rick – 102 – 74
Adam – 121 – 82

The A Team
The B Team